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Genealogy Related

  • The Descendants of Thomas D. Dyess, 1812-1868, and Nancy Jenkins, 1817-1868: From Georgia to Texas and Some Families, by Millard F. Martin (1975)
  • The Descendants of the Dyess Brothers of Barnwell, South Carolina, by Pamela Karen Veuleman Trammell (1994)
  • Dyess Colony 1934: Mississippi County Colonization Project #1, by Everett Dewey Henson (2000)
  • The Marler Family History, by Sherry Wilson Manuel, Don C. Marler, Kimble Marler (1996)
  • A Ryals Family Genealogy: South Carolina to Alabama, by Julius W. Ryals (1994)
  • Genealogy of the True and Bevers (Beavers) families: with brief data on allied families of Clack, Glasscock, Hill, Slayden, Pistole, by Odessa Morrow Isbell (1983)
  • DuBose Genealogy, by Dorothy Kelly MacDowell (1972)
  • The Genealogy of the James W. Lovell family, 1765-1981: giving up to nine generations of descendants and biographical sketches of many of them, by M. W. Lowell (1982)
  • Genealogy of the early Malphus of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama: including Malpas, Malpass, Molphus, Malphrus, Malphurs and all similar names with allied families, by M. W. Malphurs (1987)

Written By

  • The Eye-Witness Account of the Death March from Bataan, by Col. William Edwin Dyess (1944); ISBN: 1530059348
  • Faithing: A Reconstructive Method, by A. Eugene Dyess (1994); ISBN: 0819196029
  • The Night The Rabbits Dance: An Easter Story, by Hal Dyess (2011); ISBN: 1456736132
  • Lessons From The Ancients: A Humorously Helpful Guide for Caregiving, by J. Dyess Calhoun (2009); ISBN: 1606046152
  • Dreams of a Farmer’s Wife, by Jeanette Dyess Ryan (2011); ISBN: 146206650X
  • Bloodline (poems), by Clela Dyess Reed (2009); ISBN: 0982010524